Chat Room Rules

1.) Be respectful and considerate to those around you. Remember that on the other side of the screen is another human being reading what you've posted. Keep that in mind and behave.

2. Moderators have the final say - While these rules cover the most common situations, there are situations and circumstances where they do not. As such, we reserve the right to take any action that we deem necessary to ensure that the rules are not disputed or abused in any way. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates these rules.

3.) No rule lawyering - Attempting to enforce the rules as a user, whilst generally a nice gesture, is prohibited. It's not the user's job to enforce these rules among their fellow users. If you spot someone breaking a rule, report them and let the moderators handle it.

4.) No spamming - 'Ignorant', 'pointless', and 'annoying messages' basically sums up what spamming is. Posting too many messages or emoticons all at once is considered “flooding the chat” and is not allowed.

5.) No inappropriate outgoing links - Anything that you link to must be child-friendly and safe for work.

6.) No trolling - Trolling is the act of deliberately annoying someone to the point of making them angry, or starting an unnecessary flame war. Do not do this, at all.

7.) No Obscenity - We require everyone to observe and maintain common sensitivity and a sense of decency. This includes, but is not limited to:
a.) No racist, bigoted, excessively vulgar, or distasteful language.
b.) No cybering on any portion of the site. This includes non-public areas.
c.) Gore is strongly prohibited. This is a family-friendly site where people of all ages venture.

8.) No flaming or arguing - Intelligent public debate is welcomed, however the moment your post contains insults or personal attacks, you are in violation of this rule and your post will be removed. We expect everyone to treat each other in a way which they want to be treated, and that is with respect.

9.) Do not harass anyone - Harassment in any form is taken seriously. Do not participate in attacking, badgering, or repeatedly disturbing other members. It is rude and not allowed. Threatening members results in an instant ban.

By entering Liverpool Emerald Bhoys Chat, you are agreeing to these terms


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